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Submitted on
April 9, 2010
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Camera Data

Canon PowerShot A510
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1/30 second
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6 mm
Date Taken
Mar 5, 2010, 2:21:35 PM
funny girl by fleetofgypsies funny girl by fleetofgypsies
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Can't add anything to this comment stream. Good reading for a good piece.
Love everything you combined in this one. Color scheme is dynamite.

HaRd to kEep coming up with new words to compliment. That's why I like the emotes.

fleetofgypsies Apr 9, 2010  Student General Artist
thanks Mel... I love the 'crustiness' of this one... I have enjoyed making the curvism series (around 35 pieces) and will do more.I think they would go down well in coffee shops! Something for couples of love gazing office romantics &c. to ice-break or proliferate on? ..
So true. I made a name for myself, in little pond of my town, by selling in bars!

Darkly lit, drinking {drunk?} and wanting to impress someone.

My painting called "Illusion" went to a couple. They were separated and the guy was hitting on me. I refused the invitation. My next solo show he approached me, I'm thinking "c'mon fella"....but I go along. He wants me to meet someone. Taps a lady on the shoulder, who turns to me. She looks just like the painting!

It was hanging in a place called Sydneys Cigar Bar. He said while he tried to pick up other ladies, he kept looking at my painting. It brought him back to thinking about the good things about his wife,,,,etc. They got back together and bought the painting.

The copy of it that I scanned into my gallery is just a crop of a snapshot of the painting. The original was a full sheet of watercolor paper and then framed out, so it got pretty large. And I'm no whiz with the mechanics involved, after I put my watercolor brush down.

I've also gotten sales and calls from my art hanging in coffee shops and restaurants, even commission calls. Way more through these places than any gallery. Plus the galleries take a killer cut, 50% and sometimes more. I can't afford to frame and sell that way. My stuff sells, but it doesn't command high prices. Someday...

I'm hoping to eventually learn how to market on-line. I'm under "a year old" with using a computer for anything. I thought I'd better at least learn to paste, before setting up my own Web page. Har, har

I just found this afternoon that another has broken glass. Watercolors are so hard to maintain and rotate around. Paper backings get punched, glass breaks...I had one hanging in a bathroom and someone unframed it and stole it. Can you imagine? I just feel sorry for that person. They need a conscience, badly. Would you enjoy art, knowing you stole it from the artist? Maybe it was dare?

Did you read all this? Long note. I do know how to proliferate.

Get these things {this collection of yours} in the coffee shops. They are going to be great sellers. I can tell. Not just the romantics, but they will make wonderful inspiration pieces for people to build a room around. Your sense of color IS inspired.
Love this comment. Makes me feel good...and not alone!
Yep we gotta grab the pig by the, wait. That's grab the bull by the horns.

Hah! Whatever it takes to love the world and get our art to them.

You have no idea how much you have helped me not feel alone, as an artist.

:iconyaysplz: mel
I'm shaking that pig balloon with ya! Look, we've hijacked this thread!
I'm a total thread teeeerrro-istttt. I'm not sure that word can ever be funny anymore. Hope I don't offend anyone. :ashamed:

And eavesdropper at large...[of threads]
You do pop up all over the place...!
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fleetofgypsies Apr 9, 2010  Student General Artist
i read it...

thank you..

i needed that

i will get off my curved posterior and try to proliferate

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